Sunday, 24 February 2013

#SexySnippets - Seven from my man in Service!

Happy Sunday everyone! On Friday, 1st March, I will officially become a member of the Breathless Press family when the 'Serviced' anthology is released
So, to celebrate, here's seven sentences from my story 'Taking Command' and my very sexy SAS man - but exactly who's in command?

She ran her tongue over her generous mouth, and smiled, so slow and so deliberate that he felt his mouth dry up like he was tasting dust.
"Six months ago, you gave me what I wanted, Mike, what we both wanted, just before you ran away." Her lips parted and she dipped one finger deep into the soft warm depths of her mouth, drew it out slowly, her cheeks hollowing. Just the way she'd look as she sucked his aching dick. "I still want you and I think you still want me, don't you?" The husky voice snaked straight down his body to his aching balls.
"You wouldn't believe how much I want you."

'Serviced, Volume 1' is already available for pre-order on the Breathless Press website :-)
Now I'm off to check out all the other SexySnippets, hope you'll join me!


  1. Sounds fab Zara! Will def be going on my to read list! :)

    1. Thanks Dee! I'm looking forward to release date - and being able to read all the other stories :-)

  2. I get the feeling she is about to get what she wants! Great snippet Zara!

  3. Looks like she's in command at the moment. Great snippet, Zara and welcome to Breathless Press.

  4. xD I thin she might just get what she's asking for. Very sexy snippet!