Friday, 22 February 2013

Good News Friday - UPAuthors Award winner and more!

Hi! I've had a bit of a hectic week, so I thought I'd share the highlights before I go off to celebrate! Hope it's been a good one for you too - have a great weekend wherever you are and whatever you're doing :-)

My first bit of good news....I'm thrilled to say that 'Good Enough to Share' can now be called Award Winning!
In the recent UP Authors Erotic/Romance contest ( it was awarded Runner UP in two different categories - Best Title and Best Chapter.

Secondly, have you seen the new cover for 'Forfeit'?
I love the new look that Xcite Books have come up with - very sexy and intriguing. What do you think? I'd love to know :-)

So, why the new look? Well, part of the reason is that 'Forfeit' is now available in print. This is my first single title to come out as a paperback, so as you can imagine I'm pretty excited (a bit of an English understatement!).

You can already buy a copy direct from Xcite (click here), and it will be more widely available later in the year.

I also had a brief moment when I could have kissed the postman yesterday (okay, it was brief, I got over it pretty quick!) because he brought this! Excuse the picture quality, but I snapped as soon as it was out of the wrapper :-)
My novella 'Freefalling' was written for the Secret Library collection, and is one of three stories in 'Masquerade'. The other two are by the brilliant Elizabeth Coldwell and Poppy Summers. Each story has also come out previously as an individual e-book, and the collection is available as an e-book as well. But, wow, it feels so good to hold a paperback containing one of my stories! I do love e-books, but I also love a physical book I can hold (and I'm stroking this one too!).

Then, mid-week I discovered that the 'Serviced, Volume 1' anthology from Breathless Press is going to be released on 1st March - a week earlier than expected. You can already pre-order from Breathless Press if you want to make sure you're one of the first to read my short story 'Taking Command' and of course the other nine sexy soldier stories!

And, to complete my week of good news, I've just signed a contract for 'Spice It Up' with Xcite Books. The novella will be part of the Secret Library collection. If you've been reading #sexysnippets you will have already met my sexy Spaniard - if not, there will be more teasers coming soon!


  1. Aw, wow, what a week, Zara! Well done and congratulations on everything. You must be over the moon that Forfeit is being released a paperback! EXCITING! I love the new cover btw. Enjoy your celebratory weekend. I'm sure there will be an alcoholic tipple (or two) involved? x

    1. Thanks Sam. It's been an amazing week - OH should be back in a couple of hours so the alcoholic tippling starts then!! Then I think I need to stop saying 'have you seen..?' and start writing before everyone gets sick of me :-)
      Have a great weekend x

  2. That's quite a week!! Love the new Forfeit cover too.

    Huge congratulations!

    1. Thanks Tea. Next big thing is our joint release day!! I'll be able to celebrate in the sunshine for that one :-)

  3. Congratulations on all the wonderful things! The new cover of Forfeit is fantastic. How lovely to have it as a paper book. Looking forward to getting my hands on the BP anthology, looks smokin' hot!