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A chat with Dianne Hartsock - excerpt and giveaway!

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Book blurb –

Willie has met an old flame, but is he willing to give up the decadence of Boston society for the man he loves?

For the past three years William Wilkerson has led the life of the privileged rich. Head of his father’s shipping business, Willie indulges in the pleasures of Boston’s fine young men to his heart’s content. That is, until he meets Fredrick, the one man who has captured his heart, again.

As his former tutor, Fredrick has been declared off limits by William’s father. Fredrick also believes he's beneath the attention of Wilkerson’s heir. Willie disagrees, but is he willing to throw away rank and privilege for the man he loves?

Okay, starting off with the book…
  1. If you had to sum up Wee Willie Winkie in 30 words or less what would you say?
Willie is reunited with his true love, but after three years apart, is he willing to give up his life of pleasure for Fredrick?

  1. William sounds intriguing– what do you most like about him?
Being the author, I probably shouldn't say this, but I think he's adorable! Decadent and desirable and full of life. I love his joy and enthusiasm.

  1. Is there anything about him that frustrates you?
He can be a little self-absorbed at times and not notice how his actions affect those around him. He's been careless of people's hearts, but maybe Fredrick can help him with that.

  1. What does Fredrick most admire about him? What draws him to William?
Despite his shortcomings, Willie has a good heart and is true to his friends. Also, Fredrick is a more reserved man and William's vitality is a strong attraction to him.

  1. William sounds quite wild, what are his redeeming features?
William is a good business man, a loyal friend, a passionate lover and generous with his possessions. He's quick to anger but also willing to forgive if someone truly regrets what they'd done.

  1. And is he the type of guy you could fall for, or would you steer clear?
Like I said, I think he's adorable, but he's complicated and hot blooded. It would take a special person to balance his volatile nature. I think Fredrick's loving, gentle nature is exactly what he needs.

  1. What inspired you to write the story?
My publisher, Breathless Press, put out a call for Naughty Nursery Rhymes, and since Wee Willie Winkie has always been my favorite, I thought I'd write one about him. I always thought Willie would be a bit mischievous and cunning and it was easy to imagine him as an adult and the trouble he could get himself into.

  1. And what about the characters - are they a little bit you, people you know, or did they just leap out and grab you (metaphorically speaking of course!)?
I suppose my characters are a little of everyone, but honestly, when I think of a story, the characters come to me ready-made. I don't create them so much as discover them as I write their story.

And we, sorry I, being naturally nosy would love to know a bit about you…
  1. Where/when do you write?
My son recently moved to his own apartment near his college, so I've converted his room into my writing space. All my lovely things are here with me! As far as writing, I get up an hour early to get some time in before work, then have about two hours in the evening. Then on my days off I squeeze in as much as I can.

  1. What part of writing do you enjoy most, coming up with the idea, planning, writing it or typing The End?!
Writing the story! The ideas come easily. Finding the time to write them takes some doing. But I absolutely love writing the story and watching it unfold on the page. I'm usually as surprised as the reader with where my characters take me!

  1. Sum yourself up in 30 words or less (ha, I hate questions like this!)?!
I'm a wife, mother, author, floral designer, good friend, loving daughter and sister, and a born introvert who struggles every day to overcome my shyness.

  1. Do you spend much time reading? What’s your favourite bedtime/holiday read? Favourite author/genre?
I read every second I can spare! I've been the original bookworm since I first learned to read. At bedtime I like to snuggle on the couch with the latest m/m romance I've bought.  Holiday story would be the latest romance (1880-1920) that I just bought to add to my collection. My favorite author is Dean Koontz. And no, I don't have a favorite genre. I enjoy all kinds of books in all different genres.

  1. Coffee or tea (or wine!)?
A caramel macchiato with whipped cream. J

  1. Starter or dessert?
Oh, dessert, absolutely!

  1. What would you be doing if time & money were no object?
Maybe it sounds a little sad, when I could be taking amazing trips around the world! But even if I were taking these trips, I'd still take my laptop and write. I have so many stories swimming around in my head, I'm afraid I'll never get them all written. And writing is my absolute favorite thing to do.

  1. Best bit of advice you’ve ever been given, and by whom?
Best advice I've ever been given is to be true to myself and my writing. Don't try to write like anyone else. Simply put the words that come to you down on paper (or computer). It's the only way to find your own unique writing voice.
The one who gave me that advice was the very first editor I ever had, May Bestall. She worked for Wolf-Pirate Publishing and helped me work through my psychological thriller novel ALEX.

And before you run off, can you share a little excerpt?

Fredrick held up his glass and stared at the candle's flame through the amber liquid. He took a sip, savored the rich, biting taste on his tongue. He welcomed the burn down his throat. This was the very last drink he could afford, and he had to make it last.

A giggle erupted from the booth in the corner, the one whose curtains were drawn against curious eyes. A smile tugged at Fredrick's lips despite the dire state of his wallet. The laugh had been carefree, joyous, naughty. Fredrick shifted on the cushioned bench. Only a few straggling customers remained in the dining room. He wondered if any of them would notice if he shifted his cramped cock as it throbbed in sympathy with the bright laughter.

Rather than risk it, he watched the fruit vender outside the window beguile a customer. Another giggle and stifled moan swiveled his attention back to the corner. A silk-clad foot and slim calf peeked beneath the curtain. He grinned even as the delectable sight emphasized his own loneliness. It had been far too long since he'd had someone in his bed.

"Excuse me. Sir?"

Fredrick looked up, distracted from his memory of lush lips and white skin and wide, hazel eyes, and blinked at the stout innkeeper at his elbow. "Yes?"
A frown fleeted across the man's homely face at another bout of laughter from the corner. "If they're disturbing you, I can have Wee Willie take his guest upstairs. Excuse me, I mean Mister Wilkerson." The man broke off, flustered by the slip of the tongue.

Fredrick's heart leaped on hearing the name mentioned. Is William really here? How could that be? The innkeeper coughed, and Fredrick frowned at the intrusion into his thoughts. The man was so damned serious about such a minor indiscretion. "They're no bother. In fact, I'm almost done anyway." He lifted his nearly empty glass. Hearing a shout, they looked over in time to see a young man tumble through the curtains onto the floor. Fredrick caught a glimpse of red hair and an embarrassed cheek before the gentleman crammed a hat on his head and strode passed them, face averted. The innkeeper shrugged and followed, likely to be sure he paid for his drinks.

Fredrick stared at the silk-clad foot still protruding from the parted curtains. He loosened his hold on his glass but had no way to stop the wild hammering of his heart. Before he lost his courage, he stood and swallowed the last of his brandy, then walked the short distance to the booth.

A grin tugged the corner of his mouth at his eagerness. It had been three years, after all, and they'd parted in anger. Would William acknowledge him? His hand trembled as he drew aside the heavy curtain and allowed his gaze to travel up the silky hose to bright blue trousers. Blood heated his face when he found the laces undone at the waist and the silk shirt open to expose white skin and rosebud nipples.

A sigh brought his gaze up to the pretty face that stirred his dreams. Rich brown curls surrounded lovely hazel eyes and full, pouting lips. He groaned when a delighted smile revealed the even, white teeth that had nipped his collarbone on more than one glorious occasion. "Freddie, is it you?"

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Bio -
Dianne Hartsock is the author of paranormal/suspense, fantasy/adventure, m/m romance, and anything else that comes to her mind. Currently, she works as a floral designer in a locally-owned gift shop—the perfect job for her. When not writing, she expresses herself through the rich colors and textures of flowers and foliage.

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