Good Enough to Share....
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'...If you are looking for a friends to lovers/swinging/swapping/free for all sex book you won’t find it here.  What you will find is a book about 4 friends searching for the answer that everyone has…are we good enough?  To find the answers about Charlie, Dane, Holly and Sophie…you will have to read the book to see.'
'...Zara Stoneley is one of those “new to me” authors. I have to say, after reading Good Enough to Share, I’ll definitely be going back for more! This was a hot read and I loved every minute of it!'
'...a hot steamy read about four individuals and the troubles in life. Her characters are believable and easy to relate to as she brings each one to life. Highly recommended for all readers who love a little sizzle in their lives.'

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Fun & Sexy Love the humor, emotions, and sex that the author so cleverly intertwined.
Great Voice! ... Move over Jilly Cooper and Kathy Lette you might have a bit of competition!
Loved it! This is a hot, steamy read! If you don't like your books full of hot men, women and sex then this isn't the one for you.
Hot, fun read!!! first review I've done, but this book didn't have a one yet and definitely deserves it!!!! A great, Hot read to warm up the cold winter night!!!!! Wish it was longer, definitely wanted more!!!!
Where's #2??  This was my first novel of it's kind to read. I LOVED it and it has me begging for a sequel!
Hot & steamy!!!  Would I recommend this book? Most definitely, YES!!!
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Spice It Up...
Chilli Hot! Totally compelling, this page turner is full of lust... and heart.
Hot, fun read! Zara doing what she does best!

Riding High...
LOVED the characters, LOVED the plot, and LOVED the naughtiness ;)  Goodreads
Fab This book was brilliant I did not want to put it down . I was loving the not knowing what was going to happen brilliant book.
Riding High by Zara Stoneley is a super sexy and highly erotic novella. It is a fast-paced story that will set your eReader on fire. ... I am very intrigued by one of the secondary characters, James, and I am crossing my fingers that there is a future book planned for him.
Very steamy! Very good read,very hot! First erotic book that I've read and really enjoyed. I'm looking forward to the next instalment.
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Jane L said - Freefalling is the perfect short read. Zara Stonely's writing is assured, stylish, and delicious. Here she delivers another amazing story which is raunchy, full of fascinating detail, and peppered with a sophisticated sense of humour. Hayley and Tom are well drawn characters, with strong believable motivations, kept apart by a refreshingly original conflict. Loving it!
Raunchy Reader said - Really enjoyed this quicky and very raunchy little read - it takes the classic formula of a couple needing to break down barriers to really get to know each other, and twists it in that it's artist Hayley's fear of losing her ability to paint, rather than any emotional issue, which is stopping her and hotshot businessman Tom getting together. Will definitely check out more from this author.
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Aimee Duffy said -  Christ, grab the edge of your seats, you're in for a fast paced and bumpy ride. Can you tell I loved this? I snagged it up when it was free and Susie, I'm hunting down Forfeit. If it's as hot and mind-blowing as this, I'm in. Fan anyone? No, I'll have to take an ice bath then...


Aurora at Delighted Reader
I adored this book! This was such an amazingly fun read! Out of the gate I was captivated that this was not a standard romance book. Brent knew what he wanted before Cat even knew it and I was wild about that. He waited, he learned, and he won!
The sex was hot. The spanking and ménage scenes were absolutely amazing! His Twelve Fantasies kept Cat and I both guessing about what was coming next. The suspense almost killed me. In some scenes, I felt the fingers he grazed down her face were grazing across mine.
It was just a great read for me! I will definitely be adding more Zara Books (when she writes them AHEM LADY)  to my wish list and visiting this story again!
Only reason I am giving this a B is because it was too short! I wanted more!
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Aine P Massie at House Millar
Forfeit is a wonderfully sexy, hot, need a cold shower while reading, story about Cat and Brent. Brent’s designs on Cat are hot yet amusing at times. The back story is given in a way that adds to the characters and plot nicely. There is a lot of sex /  emphasis on the sex, but that’s only logical once you’ve read the blurb, lol. And what sex it is . . .
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Kathy at Book Reviews and More
Forfeit is so delectably steamy it will set your eReader on fire. The sex scenes are incendiary, quite varied and just a teeny bit on the naughty side. Cat and Brent are appealing protagonists and the sexual chemistry between them is explosive. Fans of erotic romances are sure to enjoy Zara Stoneley’s unique spin on the marriage of convenience storyline.
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Kitty Angel at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
... Put an alpha male and an insecure female together and you get fireworks in the extreme sense of the word... Zara Stoneley’s writing was very explicit. She moved the story along and brought glimpses of Cat and Brent through at the right times.... One thing that I can say is that the banter between the two of them when they are not having sex or as they are leading up to sex is fun. This truly brought them to life for me, made them a real couple and not just 2 people who were fulfilling an agreement. And, yes, they do have their Happily Ever After even if she just keeps saying “Maybe”.
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5*  - A very well written book. Good themes and very raunchy. Look forward to reading more from this fab author. The characters had depth and credibility.
4* -  Well, this really ought to come with a do not read unless you have your partner handy, warning ;-) This is one HOT read! The sex scenes are beautifully written and as a reader you really get drawn into the chemistry between these two.
5* -  This is a must read. Its an extremely sexy book and not for the prudish!! A must for all women. Just cant wait to get more novels by Zara Stoneley. All my friends want to read it now!!! Thanks so much for a fab book!!
5* -  This is a great read if you're looking for something with a sexy, engaging story-line.  The characters are well drawn and believable and the plot takes you along at a great pace. Each sex scene (and there are many) is unique and inventive, but move the story and the relationship along in a natural and compelling way. A real page-turner. I'll definitely buy this author again. Highly recommended.
5* -  An excellent read with an instant identity to the characters. Kept me wanting to know what could and would happen next and what the outcome would be. I can't wait for the next gripping read!!