Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Winner!!! And a little teaser.....

First up... congratulations to Sherry who is the winner of my giveaway on the 'When Sparks Fly' blog hop. It was a great hop, with some brilliant books and  my TBR list is even longer than it was before (how did I survive before I got my kindle?!).

And because the heat is rising over here (yes, we have seen some sun!) I thought I'd share an excerpt from 'Surrender Your Soul'. If you met James in Riding High, well he's back, or at least he's on his way....

“What do you fantasise about Kez? Not two men?”
She shook her head and looked at him like he was mad, but didn’t move. “No, I told you. I want one man,” she hesitated, “who I want so much I don’t need anyone else.” A blush of pink had edged its way along her cheekbones and she wasn’t a devil, she was more a fallen angel who had nothing to lose. “Even if it’s just for that moment.”
“One man who will do everything you ask him to?”
“No.” She licked her bottom lip nervously but her gaze didn’t waver from his. “I want him to take control.”
“To do what he wants to you?” His balls were tingling, stirring with the kind of need he usually reserved for the dreams that crept up on him. Nightmares that turned him on and frightened him off.
“No.” She swayed slightly. “I want someone who will do what he knows I want him to.”
“A mind reader.”
“You know what I want. I open my mind, you open yours.”
“You want me to pin you down.” This wasn’t going the way it was supposed to. But he wasn’t sure he cared. He wanted her in a way he couldn’t remember wanting a woman in a long time, he wanted to please her. He wanted to fuck her. “Hold you down so you can’t say no.” His cock burned against his groin, he could feel the dampness of pre cum that made him want her more. “Hold your legs open as I explore you inside, and you can’t move, can’t stop the sensations.” Her throat gave a tremor as she swallowed, her lips gently parted, waiting. “You want to be turned on until you’re begging for me to fuck you, but I don’t.” She never moved as he stepped round her, stood behind her so that he could kiss her neck, shoulder, let the sweet smell of her sex grab at him even more. He nipped at the delicate skin with his teeth and she whimpered. He couldn’t stand much more of this, he really did need to push his way inside that soft body. “You want me to play with you, finger you inside until you want to clutch at me with your thighs, make yourself come, but I don’t let you. I hold your legs wide, force you to let it build, force your body to let go.”

“Just fucking do it.” She spun round, went up on tip toe, her body trembling with tension against his and reached up to kiss him. But he beat her to it. His mouth was crushing her soft lips, bruising, needing, as his teeth skated along the edge of her tongue. She pulled away, panting. “What do you want, James?”

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