Thursday, 4 July 2013

When Sparks Fly - Blog Hop and Giveaway!

The sparks tend to fly in all my books - so how could I resist this hop?

For a bit of summer loving, I've got you a hot Spaniard who is offering more than tapas....

Excerpt - 'Spice It Up'

Don’t –’ Too late. Her hair tumbled down and her whole body swayed towards him of its own accord. He slowly twirled a ringlet of her hair round his finger and she didn’t feel like she dare move; a tug, a gentle pull that sent a tingle through her scalp, all the way down between her thighs. She swallowed. ‘Maybe I …’ Should go, but she didn’t want to. His thumb brushed over her lips and they parted automatically so that she could taste his skin, run the tip of her tongue over the salty flesh. ‘I can’t, I shouldn’t, you’re bad news for me, you know.’

He ran the thumb up over her cheekbone. ‘Really?’

‘You’ve just given me a day to remember for all the wrong reasons.’

‘I could make it a day to remember for all the right reasons.’ His breath was warm against her neck. His fingers played in her hair, sending bad thoughts through her body.

‘No.’ It didn’t sound convincing even to her own ears. ‘Who was that woman?’


His finger moved slowly across her lips and she caught the tip instinctively between her teeth, circled it with her tongue, her gaze locked with his.

‘Can I kiss you?’ There was something about the catch in his voice that seemed to tug her closer to him.
She might have nodded, or she might not, but he knew. The warmth of his palm was against her neck, his fingers at the nape and then threading through her hair, massaging gently until she couldn’t help but close the gap between them. She wanted him, needed him. His mouth was above hers; the tip of his tongue ran over her lips as his hand reached out for her waist and he eased her gently back until the cold of the wall hit her shoulders.....

If you enjoyed the excerpt, you can grab a copy at - Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), Xcite Books
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  1. Hot excerpt. Putting this on my TBR list


    1. Thanks for stopping by - enjoy the story, and the rest of the hop!

  2. Nice excerpt

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    1. Thank you! Hope you're enjoying the hop :-)

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    1. It's a great hop isn't it? A great way to find new books - there are just too many good ones!!

  4. Loved the excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway.
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  5. Thanks for the hop! Love the cover!!

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