Thursday, 3 May 2012

Trust me!

I'm over at Delighted Reader today talking about trust, honesty and BDSM!

I wrote 'Forfeit' because I had this character in my head, Cat, who was sexy and in control, she was everything outwardly that you can admire in a girl - but she was just too much in control. She'd learned that it was better not to trust people with her emotions, not to show too much of the girl she really was. And then she met Brent, a man who never settled for second best, he wanted to let the real Cat loose on the world!

Now, could you resist the type of man who loves you just for who you are? One hundred per cent you. A man who doesn't want to change a single thing about you - except the doubts you have about yourself. Sexy hey?

I'd love it if you've got time to pop over and let me know what you think about Cat, Brent and the inspiration for their story :-) Just click here to go to Delighted Reader and read my guest post and a review of the book!

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