Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Forfeit - the first part of the fantasy...

Here's another excerpt from 'Forfeit', enjoy!

Cat stepped from the plush hotel lobby into the lift and stared at her reflection in the mirror. She didn’t recognise the girl staring back. It wasn’t her, it was some glamorous sex kitten out to seduce. Her heart was beating an uneven tattoo as she bit her lip nervously. Her whole body said one thing. Sex. From the killer “fuck-me” heels, all the way up to the red lipstick and heavy kohl eyes. She shifted her weight experimentally, sending one hip out, and the satin of the dress parted obligingly to show a long, stocking-clad leg. The heavy material caressed the inside of her thigh, sending a shiver of naughtiness through her. She ran her tongue over her lips nervously, the dampness glistening under the bright lights. Fuck me, her whole image said. Well, actually it said fuck me, please, in a sophisticated way.
Suddenly she realised that the lift had stopped and the doors were open. And she could his reflection in the mirror. Watching her. Waiting for her. At once both familiar and a stranger. His dark waves were slicked back, the crisp white shirt emphasising his broad shoulders, the top buttons open, revealing the first of the dark hairs that she knew led down to his stomach, all the way to the hard-on waiting for her in the tailored trousers.
She spun round, and for a second she just stared. He was gorgeous. Even with all his clothes on there was something about him that was almost animal-like. Primal. Her mouth went suddenly dry, but the heat that had coiled in her stomach the moment she saw him was already spreading between her thighs.
‘Come in.’ His voice was as deep as ever, but the normal honey coating was gone. There was a harsh edge she’d never heard before, a roughness that made her aware of every tingling inch of her body.
She stepped out of the lift, conscious of the sway of her hips that the high heels emphasised, paused for a moment to let her wrap slip from her shoulders onto the floor, as her instructions had told her to. Then she took a step closer, and now she could see his eyes properly, dark eyes that were searing a path over her body with a hunger he couldn’t disguise.
Fully dressed, she felt more naked and exposed than she ever had as he studied her wordlessly. The satin dress he had sent skated over her full breasts, exposing more than it covered as it shimmered down, hugging her waist, caressing her hips, slashed from waist to floor to expose a slim thigh, the top of her stockings disappearing tantalisingly below the fabric. At each step she had taken the soft material skated over her skin like a caress, tightened over her butt as though he had his hands on it, the taut silence heightening every sensation.
He stood up slowly, still taller than her even when she was wearing the come-and-fuck-me heels. She didn’t speak; just watched him wordlessly as he stood inches from her. His scent surrounded her, that masculine mix of aftershave, soap, of his arousal, mingled together, stirring her body. He was behind her now, his breath warm against the back of her neck, then he reached out, ran the back of his hand down the side of her face, down her neck, the gentle touch scorching a trail. Her tongue darted out, dampening her lips, and she was dimly aware that she was swaying under his touch, swaying into his hand. Against his body. His gentle laugh sent a shiver down her, then his lips were on her neck, his mouth sucking the soft spot where it met her shoulder, his hands gently kneading the top of her arms. She closed her eyes, clenching her hands into fists as he licked, nibbled and sucked, sending shards of desire straight between her legs. She clenched her thighs together, wanting to heighten the throbbing sensation in her pussy.
And then his warm hands were on her waist, burning through the thin fabric, wandering down to her hips, kneading, caressing until she had to close her eyes, lean back against him. She could feel the length of his erection against her back, hard and long, and as his hands drifted down towards her mound she wriggled against him. Moved her hands over his, wanting to push them further down, harder against her, wanting the strong fingers to feel her wetness, her need. Willing him to push her forward, roll her dress up to her hips, and relieve the burning ache between her legs.
His hands skated over her thighs, thumbs tantalizingly close to her pussy, and she groaned, her hands drifting up to her breasts.
‘I didn’t tell you to do that.’ The soft words against her ear held a command as he pushed her hands down, and in one movement he had unzipped the dress and stepped back to watch it slither down and pool round her ankles. ‘I’m taking care of you tonight and all you have to do is let me.’ She could feel the dampness between her thighs at the whispered words. ‘That’s all, darling.’ She knew he could tell that was the hardest thing in the world for her. Unless she really didn’t have any choice.
He spun her round, his eyes hooded now, predatory as he took her in. The stockings and suspenders, the G-string, the lace bra her nipples were forcing themselves uncomfortably against, the abrasive material sending a new wave of need straight to her crotch.
‘Over there.’ His voice had dropped to a low note of command that resonated through her body, a sound that dried her mouth, tightened her throat. He nodded and she half-turned, suddenly noticing the large floor-to-ceiling window with the city lights spread below it. ‘Stand against the glass, facing me.’ One sheet of glass between her arse and every person that passed by. She wanted to complain, but she’d promised not to, and now the cold glass against her buttocks made her gasp, then sent a new wave of anticipation through her.


  1. Wow, think I need a cold shower! Great snippet Zara, I can't wait till the end of the month when I can buy this! xx

    1. Ah thanks Aimee, appreciate you dropping by - hope you enjoy the rest when you read it :-) x