Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Written Fireside October: A Witch By Chance, Part 3

If you've not read the previous parts yet, catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 before reading on!

Part 3...
Ivy moved to touch her wrist, to grab the bangle that was tightening around it, but the strangers hand was there first. His palm covered the confining band, firm fingers brushed over her skin. Warm, a caress that seemed to drift through her body, seep into her bloodstream, make her forget. She drew in a sharp breath, glanced up, straight into that mesmerising amber gaze.
“Let me help.” And he had both her wrists and had eased her to her feet before she could object.
She shook her head, suddenly angry at herself. “Hey, how do you know my name? I don’t know you, do I?” She tried to pull free, but his hold, though gentle, seemed to have a strange force that she instinctively knew it was useless to resist. “Who the hell are you? And where did that damned cat disappear to?” Ivy glanced round, suddenly remembering Karma, and why she was there in the first place.
“I’m a friend, and Karma knows how to take care of himself.” A finger of dread traced down Ivy’s spine. He knew her name, he knew her cat. She knew she shouldn’t have come here. Being an investigative reporter came with one massive drawback, it meant she was so nosy that when an anonymous note was dropped on her desk she had to follow it up. And the fact that the house was practically at the end of her road had made it even more irresistible.
“Your time has come, Ivy.” She didn’t like the sound of that. But he didn’t look evil, or at least he was very sexy evil.
He looked upwards and she followed the line of his sight, up over the dark shadows of trees to the black ink of the sky, higher to the full moon that seemed to shimmer behind its misty veil.
“Accept the destiny you have chosen, don’t fight it. You have a job to do.”
He softened his hold on her wrists, lifted her hands and she glanced down. The bracelet shone with an eerie glow, reflecting the silvery moonlight which picked out the strange markings etched deep into its surface. But the one that stood out was a crescent, a small crescent that matched the one on the strangers arm.

And then she remembered where she had seen it.

To be continued Saturday October 12th by
Kari Lemor 
on her blog

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  1. Love where you've taken the story, Zara! Especially the mention of destiny and tying back to the scar.

  2. A sexy stranger and a destiny - I love it ^_^

  3. Ooh, you left me with some delicious stuff to work with. Nice!