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New Release! 'Bubbles and Troubles' by Bebe Balocca

Hi Zara, and thank you so much for having me over today. It’s a chilly afternoon, just perfect for a nice cup of coffee and a chat about romance.
Thanks for coming over Bebe, this book just looks so intriguing :-) Please tell us more.

“Bubbles and Troubles” is my third release from Total-E-Bound. It’s set in the fictional town of Charade, Kentucky and the adjacent Prescott Woods. “Bubbles and Troubles” is definitely a hot erotic romance, but, as its name is meant to suggest, it’s got some playful elements and a bit of suspense, too.

I recently went on a motorcycle trip with my husband through the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Those gorgeous, old mountains are so compelling to me. They’re ancient and weathered, covered in trees and pocketed with caves. If those woods and mountains could talk, we’d hear some fascinating stories.

“Bubbles and Troubles” is inspired by those mysterious and beautiful woods. It’s also inspired by my own little village. Perhaps it’s not quite as quirky as Charade, but my hometown is certainly filled with interesting characters, social intrigue, and tight friendships. There are other elements of “Bubbles” that are near and dear to my heart: backyard chickens, lawyers who choose to scale back and live in the country, belly dancing, magical beings, and decadent spa treatments. I had a blast bringing them all together for this book, the first of my “Prescott Woods” series.

Here’s the blurb from “Bubbles and Troubles”:

Prescott Woods is in trouble! A belly dancing lawyer, a stray cat of highly questionable origin, and a particularly malodorous gnome come to the rescue.
Carmen loves living in Charade, Kentucky. The quirky Appalachian village is everything that Chicago wasn't. Populated by modern day New Agers, Charade is like Mayberry with tie-dyed shirts, organic food, and incense thrown in for flavour.
When Calvin Prescott makes plans to sell his land to a high-end property developer, Carmen fears that the town she calls home will be changed forever. A new neighbourhood of multi-million dollar mansions would spell disaster for Charade's simple, small town charm.
Brock and his family moved to Prescott Woods over two hundred years ago. Like the other magical beings of the woods, they are immortal and imbued with special powers. Destruction of Prescott Woods would mean more than a change of pace for Brock and his kind—it would mean death. Brock can take on the appearance of anything—including animals of all sizes and shapes—in order to get closer to Carmen and save his home.
As Carmen learns more of the secrets of Prescott Woods, she finds that Brock is irresistibly strokeable, regardless of his appearance. She also uncovers danger, family drama, and the most luxuriant subterranean spa she can imagine.

An adults-only excerpt:

An hour later, Carmen set off behind Brock into the murky twilight of Prescott Woods. Although only few steps separated her backyard from the lush old growth of trees, it seemed a world away. Another hour of picking their way among gnarled roots and craggy terrain brought them deep into the lush interior of the woods.
“So, you’re telling me that there are magical beings in here, like elves and trolls and who-knows-what? And that I won’t even be able to see them as they are?” Carmen shuddered. She shifted her backpack, which was loaded with a few just-in-case necessities and a dozen carefully packed eggs, on her shoulders.
“Don’t worry,” Brock reassured her. He gallantly lifted a thorny branch from her path and held it as she walked by. “They may well show their true selves when they see that I’m with you, but you will definitely not be in danger as long as you’re with me.”
“What, you’ll glamour yourself into a squirrel and chuck nuts at them?” Carmen muttered as she stepped past him.
Brock chuckled. “That’s always an option, if worse comes to worst. But I don’t think it will be necessary. My clan, the Fair Folk, rule these woods. Even the dark magic folk would only harm us if we attacked them first.” He caught Carmen’s elbow and stopped her. “Look, I know you only just met me, but you can trust me, Carmen. I’m inviting you to my home because I think you can help us save it, and also because I admire you.” He wrapped one strong arm around the small of her back and pulled her tightly to him in a stomach-to-stomach hold. “And because I am growing increasingly fond of you, minute by minute.”
Carmen heard the rustle of woodland animals and the screeching call of a bird. The woods whirled away from her, though—all that mattered was the wild man in front of her. She raised her hands to his sides and was immediately reminded that his clothing – the hiking shorts and t-shirt – were simply a glamour. His warm, bare skin slid beneath her hands. Lower, at her stomach, he pressed his exposed cock insistently into her flesh. Pinpricks of arousal sparked at her breasts and in the slick space between her thighs.
“And because I desire you as I’ve never desired any woman.” He lowered his face to hers for a deep, lingering kiss.

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Zara, thanks again for inviting me to visit. It’s been a real pleasure. I hope you and your readers have days filled with romance, friendship, and magical surprises.
Thanks Bebe! Hope to see you again soon. 

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  1. Zara, thanks once more for having me over! It was great to visit and talk about Bubbles and Troubles. I'm going to head back to Prescott Woods and work some more on book two... :)