Sunday, 27 January 2013

#SexySnippets - Spice It Up!!

Happy Sunday everyone! Massive apologies - this post should have been up hours ago, but I've been having a weekend of techno hell, so hopefully better late then never....

These seven sentences are from my current work-in-progress 'Spice It Up'...

The gentle chuckle reverberated through her body, and then he had her wrists in his hand pulling them above her head.

“Slowly querida, we don’t rush the good bits.” His thumb brushed gently over the skin at her waist and she groaned. “You like that?” He bent down briefly and sucked on the soft skin, which was worse. Tons worse. She liked it so much that her nipples tightened to hard buds and her pussy started doing a dance all of its own. 

It's still cold here, so I'm off to check out the other SexySnippets - which I'm sure will warm me up!