Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winners!! And the 'Look' Challenge!

Well Christmas is certainly on its way! We've had our first frosts, my Christmas story is available on Amazon - and I've got winners to announce from my recent blog tour for 'Riding High'.

So, first things first... a massive thanks to Doris O'Connor for hosting me on her blog and the winner of a copy of 'Riding High' is Rhonda D.

And big thanks to Kath too at and the winner of a copy of 'Forfeit' or 'Freefalling' is Laurie G.

I got tagged by Jane Linfoot recently to take part in the Look challenge... so I've got a snippet from 'Good Enough to Share' for you containing look/looked/looking... and I am tagging Allie A Burrow, Christy McKellen and Tea Cooper - go for it girls!!

My snippet... (warning, this is a cheeky one!)

And, as I watch he closes his eyes, throws his head back, his perfect lips parting as they always do in that moment of suspense just before he comes. And I can’t stop myself looking down, and all I can see is his cock, his slender, long cock in a firm male hand, a hand that is pumping him with steady assured strokes. A hand that isn’t his. A hand that just over twelve months ago shattered my complacent little world into a zillion sharp splinters, and made me open up my mind and my heart….

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