Sunday, 18 November 2012

New Release! - Masquerade (The Secret Library)

What a brilliant start to the weekend, I woke up Saturday morning and was googling my name (as you do) and found out I had a new release!

My novella, 'Freefalling', was written as part of Xcite Books Secret Library series, so I knew that in February next year it would be published as part of a three story collection, and would be my first story to come out in paperback - I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! What I didn't know was that the eBook version would be out, well, right now!

The other two stories are written by the brilliant Elizabeth Coldwell and the wonderful Poppy Summers. The stories have been published as eBooks individually, but if you haven't read them yet here's a chance to grab all three together (or you can wait for that lovely, plush paperback copy in February).

Hope your weekend has been as good as mine,
Zara x

So, here are the details.....

'MASQUERADE' (The Secret Library) - A collection of three erotic romance novellas, part of the Secret Library series
Published by Xcite Books, November 2012  **Due out in Paperback February 2013 **
Available from - Xcite Books, Amazon (UK), Amazon (US)

Masquerade by Elizabeth Coldwell
Seducing Mr Storm by Poppy Summers
Freefalling by Zara Stoneley

These novellas have previously been available as individual eBooks.

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