Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hot excerpts and sexy insights.. join me on my tour!

It's week one of my 'Forfeit' blog tour and I'd love it if you can spare the time to join me and have a chat. I'm posting a new excerpt at each stop along the way, enjoy :-)

Yesterday I was with Gemma Parkes talking about love, lust and why I write erotica.
Today, Tuesday, I'm over at Simply Sexy Stories chatting to Nichelle, I'm revealing a few new facts about me, Cat and Brent, and there is a hot menage excerpt from Forfeit.
Tomorrow I'll be popping to see Lily Harlem talking about what inspired me to write the story.
Thursday I am being interviewed over at House Millar with Aine P Massie with an excerpt where there is more than food being served at the dinner table!
And the last stop of the week is Release Notes where you can read Cat's story.

Which excerpt grabbed you? And is there anything else you'd like to know about me, Cat, Brent or how the whole story came about?

I'm touring again next week - more details to follow!

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