Thursday, 5 April 2012

A (small) excerpt!

 I've not got a publication date yet, but it's getting closer! So here's a little taster of my new erotic romance 'Forfeit'.

Cat stood in front of the desk and tried to switch off the part of her brain that turned to mush at the sight of hard muscles and piercing blue eyes. Well, these hard muscles and blue eyes in particular. And it wasn’t going well. His strong, capable hands were resting on the desk: broad palms that she knew could burn up your skin; long, strong fingers that could reach bits of you that were just begging to be touched. And he was leaning forward, his thick, tousled hair almost within reach. Reminding her of the last time she’d been this close to him, when she had her fingers wound into its soft darkness, pulling him closer, hard against her pussy as his fluttering tongue sent spirals of anticipation deep into her core, anticipation that turned to a throbbing, moaning need.

Want to know more? I'll be posting hot snippets, an overview of the story....and of course the release date... over the next few weeks.


  1. Feeling rather flustered after reading that snippet Zara! Hot Hot Hot!

    Sam :-) x

    1. Thanks for reading, hope you're not too hot and bothered!!
      I will post some more this week.. hope you dare come back again :-)