Tuesday 29 April 2014

Written Fireside - 'Changes' Part 5

Welcome to Part 5 of the latest Written Fireside story, Changes. If you've not read any of the previous parts, catch up with them here -

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Part 5 ...
“You dare me?” She could feel the smile playing over her lips as she dared herself to do what she’d been wanting to do since he’d walked into that art class. Reach out and touch him. The sizzle of heat burned through his shirt, set her fingertips tingling.
Zach had always been able to set her all-a-tremble with the lightest touch, she’d let him do what he wanted, let him take control. But that had been then.
He nodded, his dark eyes alive and dancing with a mix of fun and confidence. “I dare you, Marie. Take a risk.” The unspoken ‘for once’ hung between them.
“Okay.” She drew the word out long as she let her fingers trace a path down his chest. If she had changed, this was the test. She’d faced the future, decided it was time to do things differently. And now she had to face the past. She finally had a chance to draw a line under what had happened between them, rather than bury it under the carpet. End it properly, with her eyes wide open rather than letting the fantasy man come between her and every other man she’d tried to date. She stood up on her tip toes, so that her lips were level with his. Resisted the temptation to kiss him. “I will if you will.”

Zach slammed the passenger car door shut a little harder than he’d meant to. He’d wanted Marie to accept his offer, but if he was honest he hadn’t thought she would. He didn’t really deserve even an acknowledgment from her, let alone the time of day. But there was still something between them, he could tell she was still as drawn to him as he was to her. Which was why he’d dared to stop and talk to her. Why he’d offered to help.
He got in the car, started the engine up and risked a glance in her direction. And although he had a thousand and one questions he wanted to ask, he was tongue tied. Which wasn’t something he was used to.
She grinned back, raised an eyebrow. She’d changed. He’d loved the old Marie, but he had a horrible feeling he’d love the new one even more. Except she would never forgive him. He’d blown his chance long ago, even if he’d had no choice.
“Whenever you’re ready.” Her tone was teasing, something else that was new.
He pushed the car into gear. “What did you mean, I will if you will?”
The sexy chuckle sent him straight back to that summer. Made it all worse. “Dare. Take a risk.”
“Risk, what risk?” He was confused now.
“Explain to me why you did it.”

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